Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dervish Pre-Order Part II

I had been planning to pay for the Dervish out of pocket as I only had 5 pre-orders paid for (normally need 15 to cover 2/3 or so of the production run costs). However, I have had health issues arise. Nothing serious, but the out of pocket costs are a bitch...and since we got dumped on a healthcare exchange (thanks Obamacare) we are paying more monthly for less coverage and greater out-of-pocket expense.

So, I am re-opening the Dervish pre-order...kind of.  In an effort to raise the funds to cover production I am going to sweeten the pot.  If we hit 15 paid pre-orders, then I will raffle off one of my out of production kits.  Here is how it will work...for each kit you pre-order, you will get one shot at the kit.  If you pre-order 2, you get 2 shots at the kit.

For the 5 that have already pre-paid, those purchases count towards the raffle and the 15 needed.  

What kit, you ask? Cougar!  Pre-Order your Dervish below!

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