Sunday, September 21, 2014

Various Updates

Good Sunday Morning, everyone.  I figured that while I sip on my morning coffee (and contemplate which cigar will come after breakfast) I could whack out a quick update.

For those handful that pre-paid, I am pressing the caster for a completion date on the Dervish.  He originally said in July when I sent it to him that he could start it the first of  September.  Well, as of this weekend, he has not started any of it yet. His last job ran over.

Sales have slumped seriously in the past 6 months.  I am blown away at how many kits I have on the shelf right now. As a result, I have even resorted to...gulp...eBay to move some.  BTW, they have really jacked up fees over the years.  Now you even have to pay them a percentage of your shipping costs. I about died after I sold a few kits and got an invoice for $100.

The next kit will be either the Nova, Vulture MK IV, or Masakari.

Speaking of the MK IV, that one is progressing well.  I have roughed out the upper torso and one gun.  I plan on making a master of the gun body and different tips as well as "ammo cans" so you can mix and match different arms.  You could make them both Autocannons or both PPCs or one of each.

Finally, I only had one suggestion for a BMC unit logo and no solid suggestions for a unit color scheme. I was thinking of doing something in an Air force gray (like Terence).  Then, the left leg would be left up to the individual to represent the unit they came from...because we are Mercs after all. Not an original idea...but lacking other input...

Vulture MK IV upper body

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