Sunday, October 12, 2014

Madcat MK II

Several of you have said you are interested in the Madcat MK II.  The caster says the molds are still in good shape.  Rather than me order a bunch and end up with some sitting in the closet, I am going to do this like a pre-order.  If you want one, I can invoice you. Once paid orders are collected, I will send them to the caster bearing in mind he does not like randomly casting one or two at a time.  So, for another order I need at least 5 pre-pays.  If you want one, e-mail me your name, PayPal e-mail, and country to be shipped to and I will invoice you.

Just heard from the caster.  The molds are officially dead. Sorry for those of you whose invoices got cancelled.  We really thought we could get more pulls but its just not happening.  For the two that paid, I am filling your orders out of my personal stash. 

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