Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mad Cat MK II

Good evening.  Figured I would drop some pics of the Mad Cat MK II  I am working on.  This one is for me.  I decided to go with a generic air craft gray and some weather.   Also, I am having an "artist" work on a BMC Unit logo.  I am meshing the old FASA logo with the defunct Fasa Studios logo. Should look cool if the can pull it off.  If not, I may hit up one of you.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Marketplace Update

FYI: The Dervish is now available in the Marketplace.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dervish Pre-Orders

All the paid pre-orders have shipped...with exception of two international orders.  Those will go out this weekend. 

In the original pre-order, I had offered up a Cougar kit if we hit 15 paid orders. We only hit 12 but since the caster gave them to me at cost, I figured, "What the heck" and did a drawing for 2 Cougar kits.  Those were sent out with the to Perry and the other to BM.  Thank you all for your continued support. 

Currently I am working on the Vulture MK IV which is driving me nuts.  I am just not happy with the SRM launchers and keep redoing them.  I have spent two weeks playing with just that one part of the kit. There is also the Masakari. I am making it more "casting" friendly as well as correcting some things that manifested as issues on the Daishi kit. Additionally, I am going to include two different style barrels.  On top of that, I have a Vulture commission to build and a Dervish to build for Sam so he can pitch his "Combined Arms" idea.  Busy, busy, busy.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dervish...'nuf said

Here are some shots of the first of the Dervish kits.  They should start shipping in the next week or so.  As for the drawing for a Cougar, we did not hit the 15 mark.  That being said, the caster still got me a couple "B-" grade casts out of the old molds. Being the generous soul that I am, TWO of you (randomly drawn, of course) will have Cougar kits in with your Dervish pre-orders.  You can post here if you let others know the free kit drawing was not Bovine Scatology.