Monday, January 12, 2015

Kit Updates




All systems are ready to go.  Casting of the Vulture MK IV and the MadCat MK II.1 shall begin shortly and should be ready in about 6 weeks give or take. That also means that pre-orders for the Vulture MK IV are closed.  If I have sent you an invoice, you have until the due date to pay it...after that the invoice will be cancelled and you will have to pay full price when it is listed in the store. 

Speaking of the store, there is one final run of Fleas being cast. Once those are gone, the molds will be destroyed and the Flea will be no more.  There are also more Uziels being cast, but I cannot guarantee the molds will last much longer. There have actually been over 30 cast and sold to date. Look for a Bushwacker restock soon as well. 

Since I know you will ask, what differences will there be with the new MadCat? A lot of little things mainly. Sam over at Myomer Dreams made some legit observations about the design...mainly missing LRM mounting tabs. That has been corrected.  I have added tabs at all the joints to aid in connecting pieces rather than the very simple nipple/dimple set-up from the first run. I also added some engraved lines to show the builder where to attach the main gun barrels to the gun body. Scott at the Messy Desk blog commented that some surfaces were lacking detail so I corrected that as well by adding some engraved panel lines or raised panel details.  The detail pieces MMD out of Germany cut for me are coming in very, very handy. The biggest change, IMHO, is that the feet are now one unit rather than a foot with 3 separate toes. I think this will make for a more stable build and will be easier for the inexperienced builders to deal with. For those with more advanced skills, it will be easy enough to cut the toes off if you want to re-position them as I did in my build. 

Here is to an AWESOME start to 2015!
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