Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mad Cat MK II.1 and other stuff

Good evening everyone.  The Mad Cat MK II.1 and Vulture MK II IV should be in clay this weekend..once restocks are finished. Then, the casting will begin. Now, the Vulture MK II IV is going to be a full run but the Mad Cat MK II.1 is going to be a limited re-release.

If you want in on the Mad Cat MK II.1 contact me via e-mail to pre-order.  Any that don't sell in the pre-order will be listed in the store.  So, jump in or take your chances and wait.  
Limited Release?  Evil...muahahahaha!
Thoughts on future projects...the Atlas.  Man, the classic Atlas is...well...classic...but a little dated. The MWO version is pretty awesome...but not the classic.  I have been kicking around the idea of melding the two. Basically, I would take the Armorcast kit and rework parts.  The head would HAVE to be MWO style. The arms could use some work as could the legs. What do you think? 

How about Mauler...the kit?  Maybe?

Now, the touchy issue of recasting.  Normally, in our industry recasting someone else's work is a huge no-no.  That being said, the Armorcast kits have been off the market for 7 years now and I doubt they will pick up the license again.  I am really thinking hard about recasting one or two of the old Armorcast kits.  Again, thoughts? 
Finally, anyone in the crew good with Web Design?  If so, would you be willing to trade your time for mechs?

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