Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Update

I have been working with a "benefactor" (if you will) who is interested in getting some older kits re-popped.  It looks like the Mad Cat MK II will be first up for a limited re-pop in a couple months.  There will be improvements on the design...better tabs at the joints, mounting tabs for the LRMs, and some added detail.  While I had planned on scaling back production in 2015 things may go the opposite way. 

For anyone who is interested, Arcadia is releasing a Macross Armored Valkyrie in 1/60 scale which puts it at about 9.5".  This is a really good size to go with the stuff I produce if you want an Unseen TRO type Crusader.  It is available at Hobby Link Japan for pre-order.

The Vulture MK IV pre-order is going like they usually do...lots of  "I wants" but not that many actual pre-orders.  So far, only 5 customers have pre-paid...but its early in the pre-order.  We will see how things go.

Currently, all kits are out of stock.  Molds for the Uziel and Flea are being checked for quality.  More Dervish and Bushwacker kits are being cast as I write this. 
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