Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Pics: Adrian Update

While I wait for all the ice to melt, I figured I would post more customer pics and a tease...

From Jon....

I think that is the JoyRide Mad Cat

From Adrian...this is just one image.  The rest are available at his here....or for the mechbay stuff click here...or just spend some time going through his page. Good Stuff.

And now, for the tease...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


One of my recent projects has been to rework the Masakari.  Here are pics of the original build-up.

This was never intended to be a kit and it had lots of issues.  Issues? What issues, you say.  Well...

1. Connection between legs and torso...lame
2. Cannons/PPCs...too skinny
3. Lower legs...backside too skinny
4. Arms lacked detail

So, here is a pic of the parts I am satisfied with...
1. Made the hip connection more "Daishi" style
2. Two fattened-up barrel types
3. Reworked the lower legs to have more mass
4. Complete rework of arms, upper and lower
5. Unlike the Daishi, this will have tabs at the feet/leg connection points rather than the old flat mating surface
6. Re-detailed legs so they will be a bit different from the Daishi

This might actually make a good kit someday.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Non Sequitur

It does not follow....6 months ago I said I was scaling back production yet production is back in full swing. Currently, there are 3 kits in rubber or slated to be in rubber very soon. How soon?  Within weeks. Dervish restock?  On the way. The Mauler has been commissioned.  The Thor has been commissioned.  I am currently muddling my way through an Amorcast Vulture build. Hybrid Atlas? Started yesterday...actually took a day off to work on projects. If Karma is real, I must have done something right in my past that has outweighed all my colossal screw-ups.

Pictures?  Keep them coming.  Any pics of my older kits?  Adder?  Cougar? Daishi?

Speaking of the Daishi, that is on the list of future re-releases. I came across a drawing of the Daishi from the Wizkids Hero Clix Diashi. Thoughts? I like it but the grill on the front looks like a Cylon. 
On a sad note, the Uziel is officially done.  The molds are not pulling nice casts and its just not worth re-molding at this time. 

Be careful what you wish for

So, I asked for pictures and boy...have I been receiving them. This is a Mad Cat MK II build from of the winners in the Dervish pre-order contest.  Looks like he added some details, modified the LRMs and changed out the chin guns.  Nice paint job, too.

Friday, February 6, 2015

More pics!

Here is a Mad Cat MK II build up from Preston! He made a cockpit...awesome-sauce. A ton of pics are available at his blog.  Go check it out!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More pics!

These are from Perry...he and his crew use to be the Havoc Mercs when they played on-line. Here is his Daishi.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hi All!

Finally, someone took me up on my request for pics of finished builds. Geert finished up his Vulture MK II in a kick-ass Jade Falcon scheme. Enjoy the pics!