Thursday, April 16, 2015

Masakari: Inbound

Alright, all the pre-order Masakari kits are out the door...if PayPal worked, you should have all received your shipping notices. There are a few kits left, so if you are interested feel free to contact me. The cost is $200 and that includes domestic shipping in the lower 48.  I will consider international orders on a case by case basis.  Make sure you have read the Shipping caveats and understand that shipping will be expensive. 

Mad Cat MK II and Vulture MK IV:

As mentioned, the caster doing those was in a serious car accident last month and is still suffering from a severe concussion and a sprained wrist among other injuries. He is trying to work but has a hard time doing things one-handed and with the constant dizziness.  They will be ready when they are ready. I am as frustrated with you, but there is little that can be done except be patient. For those that are regulars, you can assure the new customers that they WILL get those kits. Remember the issues with the Vulture MK II in 2013? I think that one took 5 months. 
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