Thursday, April 2, 2015

Redefining a Classic

Good morning everyone!  I think we can all agree the classic Atlas design is looking kind of dated. Granted, that design is the Madcat and Vulture.  So, if you are going to play with the design you better do a damn good job...and that is what they did with the MWO Atlas.  I am not fond of a lot of the redesigns but Alexander Iglesias did an awesome job.  Then, Scott over at the messy desk made his MWO Atlas.  The work was fantastic.
I have been pondering making my own version...a combo of the two.  Then, Scott shared with us his frustrations with getting kits made. He and I have been talking and he has agreed to let me produce the MWO Atlas.  The masters are almost cleaned up. Then he will send them to me.  If I catch anything he missed, I will touch it up and it will go to the caster.  This will be a limited production and based on the size and part count will be easily $200 so start saving your pennies now.

As some of you will ask, there will be a pre-order but not until I have this one in hand and the Madcat II and Vulture IV are completed and orders are fulfilled.
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