Sunday, September 6, 2015

MWO Atlas pre-order is semi-live!

Jimi Glancy Jr. over at JPG has informed me he will be starting the MWO Atlas next week. That means in about 6 weeks or so, these beasts should be ready for your consumption. This is going to be a run of 30 kits...and 2 are going to Scott as that was his price for the masters...then a couple for me...

As a way of showing my appreciation to those who waited so patiently for the Vulture IV, you guys will get first stab at the pre-order. If you contact me via e-mail, request a pre-order and provide your Vulture IV pre-order invoice number you will get one copy of the Atlas at a substantially reduced price. Jimi is giving me a discount for the wait on the Vulture and I will pass that on to you. You know the drill...timfusco at that hotmail domain.

PS- When you e-mail, make sure you let me know where this will ship so I can calculate shipping.

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