Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Well, well, well.  The Owens and the Fafnir are both at the caster.  Expect the Owens first...then the Fafnir.  Fair warning, the Fafnir is going to take a lot of resin and the pieces are big which means big mold which means lots of rubber. Count on this bad boy coming in at about $200. Start saving your pennies today. 

The Thor is back in stock.

Not sure when I will restock the Warhawk.  The last couple units sold where in a "fire sale" and I am not sure I feel like having pricey inventory sitting on the shelf, especially when the money can go into new products. 

The same is true of the Vulture MK IV.  I still have 2 of the original 25 just sitting here collecting dust. 

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