Sunday, July 24, 2016

General Update

Hi all. Surgery was a couple weeks ago...and when I talked to the surgeon yesterday at a follow-up visit he said the hernias were really, really big and it was a pretty major procedure. Currently I am on Oxycodone, Valium and Neurontin. This means I am doing very little on the mech front as I feel it unwise to be messing with sharp objects at the moment.

For those that ordered a Daishi, the domestic orders will go out tomorrow. For those that ordered internationally it will be a little longer as I cannot drive right now which means I cannot get to the post office to mail the kits. 

Based on what is ready, I think the Sagittaire will be the next kit. It is 90% done and just needs a little detail work. I should have that to Jimi in the next couple weeks and then he will get me a quote.
The Mad Cat I am working on is just kind of sitting there. I want the arms to be different from the original Armorcast kit. I tried the MWO style arms and they don't look right. I have played around with modding the Armorcast arms but have not come up with anything I am happy with.

The Marauder is a great and horrible print. The detail is great but will take LOTS of work to make castable. Some parts have to be modded to make them cast-friendly and every inch of this thing will have to be sanded smooth. Don't expect to see this one until next year.
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