Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sagittaire is LIVE!

Sagittaire pre-order is a go! The kit stands around 10" (about 25.5 cm) tall. This is just a quick tack-job so you can see it. There will be gun barrels for both arms (only pictured in one of the arms here). I am still debating on which toe set to use..the broad or narrow. There are also fins that come off each arm and additional vents for the left and right side of the torso (not pictured). The Madcat MK II is included for a sense of scale. Sorry about some of the blur in the old camera refuses to focus well without the flash on...even with the lights in the photo-cube. But it is a decade or so old and has seen a lot of use. You can PM for an invoice for $150 plus shipping. This is a big kit so overseas shipping is going to be expensive.

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