Saturday, December 31, 2016

Templar and Happy New Year!

It may not look it, but the Templar is nearing the finish line. I have the shoulder shields done. They are designed to be optional so if you don't like them you can leave them off. It is wobbly in this pic as the ankle and knee are ball and socket joints to give you some posing options. I just need to finish the arms/guns and she will go to the caster. The plan is to get it there when the Wolfhound is done in about a month. As for who the caster will be...well...more than likely not JPG productions. I was once told I had to choose two of the three options: Good, Fast, Cheap. I settled for Good and Cheap but the slow part has gotten almost untenable. I cannot wait over two months or more for a kit to be cast. So that means Good and Fast is the newest option...downside is that means mechs will probably get a bit more expensive. Based on previous experience I would say expect about a 10% price increase. Overall, that is not too bad and on the upside, I will actually be able to cast 5-6 next year!

After this is the Shadow Cat. It is really turning out well. I have most of the parts roughed out and the putty/sanding work has started. Bleh...most boring part.

Then comes the Kodiak if I can fix a few little issues. The 3D print is beautiful but the parts were not designed with casting in mind. The Torso is going to be brutal with all the details, undercuts and whatnot.

So, here is to a Great 2017! See you all on the flip-side.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wolfhound Pre-order is live!

Alright...the Wolfhound pre-order is going LIVE! Pre-order price is going to be $75 plus shipping. If you don't get in on the pre-order the retail price will be $95. Let me know below if you want an invoice or you can e-mail battlemechmodels AT Make sure you let me know where it will ship to so I can create an accurate invoice. Pre-order is limited to 15 kits.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Shadow Cat and Private Project

Update 1: Shadow Cat
She may not look like much, but they all start somewhere. The torso parts of the Shadow Cat have been roughed out. I am really working hard on this one to make it pose-able. Models being pose-able has always been a weak part in my my builds. The Shadow Cat is light enough I can try a few new things.

Update 2: The Private Project
As I have sold the first 5 of 6 (one for my build-up), I figure word is going to get out so here it is: The Sagittaire

Pre-orders pretty much sucked on this one. Only 6 people even asked for an invoice. I worked with Jimi Glancy Jr. to do this one a little different. He allowed me to pay for the molds, then buy them in batches of 5. This was one of the reasons I was trying to sell of old pay for this one without a pre-order. Thanks to selling a few things at a discount and a loving & supporting wife who funds my insanity the Sagittaire is seeing limited production.