A Word on Shipping

Shipping...the bane of someone in business like me. I could not be profitable in a B&M location, so I rely on internet sales.  That means shipping...and these days, its not cheap.

The most affordable option is the USPS, however, their service is generally sub-par and a lot of packages get really beat up along the way. I have had two of the last four shipments of kits from my caster that have been broken open and the contents spilled and damaged. Another couple of packages have been lost all together.  On the upside, I can insure domestic packages.  As a general rule, I will insure the larger kits when I charge you for Flat Rate shipping. Smaller packages don't get insurance if you don't ask. 

Overseas shipping has become a huge pain.  Not only has the USPS increased their rates, they have tightened rules and regulations. Now, even small parts that fit in an envelop have to have customs forms.  Additionally, there are only certain Post Offices that will take international packages.  It can take me the better part of an hour to drive out there, stand in line, and get the package processed.  Without paying an arm and a leg (i.e. double the amount of shipping at least) there is no way to track the package outside the US or insure the kit.  That requires USPS Global Priority Mail or some such expensive nonsense.  Carriers like UPS are right out.  Their prices are outrageous and can be as much or more than the kit itself.  Granted, you get the package in about 2 weeks, but not many customers will pay $110 shipping for a $120 kit.

Policy 1:  If your kit is over $50, I am going to start charging a touch more in shipping to insure it. If it is under $50  it will not be insured unless you ask.

Policy 2:  All international orders ship at the buyer's risk. There will be a tracking number as proof I shipped it, but you are the one taking a chance it may end up in Postal Limbo.

Policy 3: If you kit is damaged (and insured) you have two choices.  Either fix it or file an insurance claim.  There are generally no extra pieces laying around so if a piece is damaged I do not have a replacement...and I am not scrapping another kit.  So, file a claim.  Get your money refunded and buy another kit.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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