Customer Feedback

On this page you will find feedback from our customers including their thoughts and perhaps even a picture or two.

From Preston:
The kit ( Mad Cat MK II)is AMAZING. The lines are clean, the pieces fit fantastically.. this is a dream kit!

From Terrance:
Working on my Vulture - great kit! Thanks so much for putting it out.

From Nate:
I got the vulture and I'm totally impressed in the detail of it. I don't think I have to do one thing to this mech, no added detail what so ever. But I don't think I'll be building it for quite a while. Beautiful mech my friend, two thumbs up.

From Frank:
So I get this package in the mail and it was the Dire Wolf!  I have to say it's everything I hoped for, and more.  There is a lot more torso and arm articulation then I expected, and the magnet holding it together is quiet nifty. All the outlines, red areas, and little decals all come together very well.

From Jon: 
I just received your Flea kit in the mail, and I have to say, I am impressed. It is such a nice clean cast.

From April:
I, too, want to post my satisfaction with the [Excelsior] parts. They ARE beautiful.  Definitely much better than the kit supplied part.  One to get, for sure.

From Scott:
I just got mine (Vulture) and it's pretty fantastic! Tim did a great job fixing up the master and Jimi did a great job casting it!

From Perry:
Daishi received. WOW! Is all I can say. This model is a monster…..and is impressive as hell. Thank you, again. I can’t wait to begin building it.