Welcome to the Marketplace.  From here you can purchase any kits that are currently for sale.  All kits are 1/060 scale and stand anywhere from 5" to 10" tall.  Additional information about each kit can be found using the links to the right. All mechs are pressure cast resin and intended for experienced modeler. Please CONTACT ME to place an order. 

Prices DO NOT include shipping.

When ordering, please provide a PayPal e-mail as well as a shipping location so I can invoice you with correct shipping.

Custom Builds are priced on an individual basis. Lots goes into these things.  On average, you can count on 40 hours labor to make an awesome build. Then there are all the other costs.  Before you contact me about a custom build, ask yourself if you are in a position to invest a minimum of $600 into the process.

The Shadow Cat $125: The Shadow Cat is a heavily-armed and maneuverable medium OmniMech developed by Clan Nova Cat to replace the Ice Ferret in the early 31st century during preparations for Operation Revival. Use of the Shadow Cat has spread to other Clans since its introduction. The primary configuration of the Shadow Cat wields a Gauss Rifle allowing it to handily defeat smaller opponents, often before they can get within range. A pair of smaller ER Medium Lasers back up the rifle. 

This kit was pressure cast by TimeSlip Creations and consists of 25 parts.  E-mail for ordering info!

The TEMPLAR $160:  The primary configuration of the Templar is intended to be able to engage an enemy effectively at any range. For effective long range hitting power, the Templar carries a powerful Gauss Rifle. If the Templar does close with an enemy, it can bring its highly accurate Large Pulse Laser, Medium Pulse Laser, and two ER Medium Lasers to bear on a target.

This kit was pressure cast by TimeSlip Creations and consists of 21 parts. The shoulder shields are designed to be option parts.  E-mail for ordering info!


The Nova Cat $145:  3 BACK IN STOCK The standard configuration is all long-range energy weapons, which, although allowing the Nova Cat to stay in the battle for a longer period of time, means the pilot will have to alternate their weapon choices to avoid overheating despite many additional heat sinks. Two ER PPCs are the 'Mech's main weapons, which are backed up with three ER Large Lasers. Kit stands about 8" tall.

This resin kit is pressure cast by JPG Productions and consists of 23 pieces and is intended for experienced modelers. It is strongly recommended that you test fit all pieces before final assembly. Assembling parts with a two-part epoxy is highly recommended as some parts are heavy and super glue may be too brittle to hold them.

Here is a customer's unboxing video...

To order follow the "contact me" link.

WOLFHOUND $90:  As a "laser boat" the Wolfhound's very basic weapons array frees it from supply lines and allows for superior endurance during extended campaigns. The primary long-range weapon is a Cyclops XII ER Large Laser mounted in the right arm, which allows the Wolfhound to strike at ranges of up to seven hundred and fifty meters. As secondary weapons for close combat, the Wolfhound is armed with four Defiance B3M Medium Lasers. This kit is 19 pressure cast resin parts with two different and fist and stands about 7" tall.

To order follow the "contact me" link above.

OWENS $75:  The primary configuration of the Owens is meant to stay at stand-off ranges when possible using its two LRM-5 launchers. If forced into close range combat, the Owens can bring its Medium Laser and two Small Lasers to bear. 11 pressure cast resin parts and stands about 5.5" tall.

To order follow the "contact me" link above.

MadCat MK II $150:  The Mad Cat MK II's primary weapons are a pair of Gauss Rifles, each of which can strip off a ton of armor at six hundred and thirty meters. The rifles are supported by two LRM-10s which give the 'Mech indirect fire capability. For short range combat, four ER Medium Lasers can chew up what's left of the opposition. 18 pressure cast resin pieces.

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