Vulture Mk II Build Notes

I finally had a chance today to sit down and throw together one of the Vulture kits.  I would like to share a few build thoughts with you in case you find some of the same issues with yours that I had with mine. 

Before assembly, thoroughly clean all parts in warm water with a mildly abrasive cleaner like Ajax, Softscrub or Comet. This will cleanse any additional mold release and allow paints to adhere to the surface.  Remove flash or over pour with a razor knife or saw.  Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you test fit all pieces before final assembly.

On my kit the tab on the hip that slides into torso was slightly out of alignment.  This type of issue is easily solved by warming the tab in boiling water and sliding it into the torso hole.  Then hold the piece aligned properly and as it cools, it will retain the new alignment.  I had a similar issue with the left upper leg tab that goes into the hip. 

On the main torso, the caster had to fill the holes for the arms and front lasers.  On the master they went all the way through and that just made it more difficult to cast.  JPG left divots  that you will have to bore out. 


Additionally, on the master there was a rough wood dowel that was used to connect the upper and lower legs. The caster had to remove those to cast the parts.  So, you will have to get either wood or plastic .25" dowels to connect them.  Sorry for not catching that sooner.

I think that about covers all the big points.  Below are a few shots of my quick assembly.

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