Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update: Daishi Pre-Order

We still need 5 more pre-orders to complete production of the Daishi.  To pre-order, see this page.  The pre-order price is $125 plus shipping.  The cost will go up once the pre-order closes.

Here is a layout of the parts. 
One thing you may notice is the arms are one piece.  This is for a few reasons...first (and primarily) cost.  One large arm is a lot cheaper than two smaller pieces.  Second, I did not intend this to be a kit originaly so I made them as a single piece.  To make them into two smaller pieces would have required substantial time and effort.
I did tweek the leg/hip area.  It is set up as a ball and socket...but you can grind down the "ball" and there is a nice hole through the hips for a dowel.
Finally, I added some detail.  Again, as a display piece I was happy with it but for it to be kitted I felt it needed a bit more detail.
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