Sunday, June 16, 2013

I am on the horns of a dilemma.  Its time to paint some of these builds.  Usually, I don't paint/detail them as it would get messed up when they are cast as kits but I am getting tired of the primer gray army.  Another reason I had quit was that my airbrush was shot. Now, it was not the fact, it was a Kopycake airbrush I tweaked. However, my wife got me a new airbrush and my father-in-law got me an air compressor so I have no more excuses.  Interesting story on the airbrush...the price tag said $149.99 but the cashier rang it up as $14.99.  The store manager was utterly confused when we returned to pay the difference.

So, any suggestions on how I should paint up some of these guys?  I was thinking Kell Hounds for the Fafnir.  There was an image made years ago depicting a Kell Hounds unit leaving the mech bay.  I had it on the PC that died and now I can't find it on-line. For the Anni, Warhawk, and Daishi I was thinking of Zeta Battalion from Wolf's Dragoons but I am not sure I want to go from all gray to all black. I can say I would like some uniformity...I don't want 12 mechs with 12 different units.

Oh, the Vulture pre-order is closed.  Further purchases will be at the $125 retail price.  On that note, I got an e-mail that accused me of price gouging on these mechs. I would like to refer everyone to the old Armorcast page showing the Vulture going for $98 and that was back in 2007.  Prices HAVE gone up on rubber, resin and supplies.  Heck, the plastic sheet I use has gone up 50 to 60 percent in that time. I was at my LHS yesterday and a sheet plastic I would use for the vents on a mech is now at $6.50 a sheet. So, if you don't like my prices then I would suggest you make your own and try to get it cast...then come back and tell me (with a straight face) that I am over charging.
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