Friday, June 7, 2013

Vulture Pre-order....really?

I am shocked that the Vulture pre-order has had such a slow start.  So far, only 6 pre-orders.  That is a surprise. I would have thought that people would be falling over themselves to get a Vulture.  Maybe there are just too many on the market right now? Scott is producing his Catapult, SMTK has produced some of his 3d printed designs plus there has been a slew of people making smaller mechs based on MWO.  Who knows....

I got the Daishi masters & molds back from the caster.  I sent 15 pieces and got back 20.  Damn, this thing got trashed. I am also not thrilled that they made changes to the masters without consulting me...just to make casting easier.  Now, what to do with these molds....its not like I know how to cast anything.
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