Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Jump Starter Begins!

To help fund further builds, I am trying a "Jump Start" campaign. The intent is to use the funds raised in the Jump Start to get more kits cast up in a timely fashion. I will be soliciting $20 donations with a minimum goal of 20 donations.  If we reach the 20 donation mark there will be AWESOME PRIZES!  Right now I am planning on offering a BMC kit, a Northwind Highlanders poster, a Ral Partha Ominimech Assault Lance, and a 1/72 Wave Legioss Armo-Soldier. For each donation you get one entry into the final drawing…so if you donate 3 times, you get three entries.  The first winner drawn gets his/her choice of prizes, second gets second and so on.  The drawing is contingent on getting at least 20 donations.

There is also one $100 donation option.  The one person who contributes $100 will get to choose a kit to be produced this year. You can choose from the Nova, Loki, Thor, Mauler, Owens, Vulture MK IV, Masakari, Bushwacker or Annihilator.

But you can't choose the next mech...already gone!

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