Friday, May 30, 2014

Updates Updated

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Only 5 donations so far...(sad panda)

General News

The Bushy is going to the "back-up" caster for a quote.  I should have a dollar amount next week.  You should also check out Scott's pre-order for the Hellspawn.  The Bushy pre-order will be longer that the Uziel.  I may do like with the Madcat MK II...sell "slots".  It worked well. 

All but my international Uziel orders are out.  They should be hitting mailboxes any day now.

I apologize about the Madcat MK II LRMs.  That was a crap oversight on my part.  I included NO mounting points for those.  I will get the build notes updated to show how I did it.  Pinning it is the easiest method...personally, magnets. 

More General News

Decals, decals, decals.  I would love to offer decals to go with my kits.  I have contacted Fighting Piranha countless times in the last year and never hear back.  That being the case, I have decided to look into making my own. These would be "white backed" decals meaning you could put them on a dark color and they will still look great.  I print some of my own using my Xerox Phaser 6125N but I am limited to no white. Obstacles to overcome...the printer can create the art, but that is expensive. He said I could send the art, but he would need it in a Corel Draw file.  Yeah...right.  What?  Who? Any artists want to volunteer their time?

The second obstacle is the sheer number of Houses, Clans, and Mercs.  Then within each you have unit upon unit.  I could never make them all...nor include them in a kit.  I was thinking of making "Decal Packs."  For Example if you ordered the FedSuns Pack it would contain the primary House logo, some of the major units (Assault Guards, Heavy Guards, 1st Kathil Uhlans, 1st NAIS), and assorted warning stripes (black/yellow checker board), etc. 

OR I could just offer general warning stripes and the like and leave it to the individual to find their own major unit markings.  Can you see the potential issues?  For every one I would produce there would be twelve "Can you make this one?" e-mails. The answer would always be a resounding "No."

Commissions (update)

I am available again for scratch commissions or build commissions. The only commission I have going right now is a Madcat MK II build.   Funds from commissions go to getting more kits cast...and you know you want more kits...right?

In talks with a potential client.  Thoughts on a more modernized Dervish?

Planned Future Releases

The Uziel, Madcat MK II, Flea, and Deimos are all available in the store. International shipping is again available. The Nova is back on the desk and I am going to shoot for an August release date.  Then, unless someone steps in with a commission/casting option, I may release the Masakari.  Of all my builds, this one is the most "caster ready."  Or I may finish scratching out my Loki...decisions, decisions.
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